WebNLG Challenge Results

The WebNLG Challenge 2017 was held in April-October 2017.

Challenge Summary

Participant Data

Download .zip with all the submissions, teams' reports, and a baseline output; or download the same data per team.

Automatic Evaluation Results

  • The WebNLG Challenge: Generating Text from RDF Data. C. Gardent, A. Shimorina, S. Narayan, L. Perez-Beltrachini. Proceedings of INLG 2017. PDF
  • Together with the results, we release a gold standard only for unseen (new) DBPedia categories, i.e. the half of the gold standard. Download here.
  • NEW: All test data with references (seen and unseen categories together) is now released. Download here.

Human Evaluation Results

  • The WebNLG Challenge: Report on Human Evaluation. A. Shimorina, C. Gardent, S. Narayan, L. Perez-Beltrachini. PDF
  • Human scores and references are here.

Final Release (Larger Dataset)