Grammar Extraction Working Group -- meeting 1

2016/12/01, Room B200.

Claire, Emilie, Yannick

Goal: exploring new directions in grammar engineering and use.

Discussion about issues araising with hand-crafted (meta)grammar, namely:
  • high development cost (time consuming task)
  • correctness issues (ensure quality while extending the resource)
  • coverage issues (especially over-generation)
Discussion about grammar extraction:
Directions worth exploring:
  • Experiment with TAG grammar extraction for French
  • Experiment with grammar extraction for various target formalisms
  • Enhance state-of-the-art extraction (cf above paper) by using information coming from dependency structures
  • Enhance TAG parsing by coupling grammar extraction with supertagging (e.g. computing probabilities)

A prerequesite for these directions is to get/create a French (constituency and dependency) treebank. Araising questions:

Next meeting: 2016/12/08 - 16h Room A217