The WebNLG Challenge. INLG 2016 Challenge Session.

Date : September 2016

Emilie Colin, Claire Gardent, Yassine M'rabet, Shashi Narayan and Laura Perez-Beltrachini. The WebNLG Challenge. INLG 2016, The 9th International Natural Language Generation conference., Edinburgh, Scotland, September 5-8, 2016.

Abstract : We propose a shared task on generating text from DBPedia data. The training data will consist of Data/Text pairs where the data is a set of triples extracted from DBPedia and the text is a verbalisation of these triples. In essence, the task consists in mapping data to text. Specific subtasks include sentence segmentation (how to chunk the input data into sentences), lexicalisation (of the DBPedia properties), aggregation (how to avoid repetitions) and surface realisation (how to build a syntactically correct and natural sounding text).

Download: [pdf]


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